After the death of my business partner I quit the field but I feel I am ready to begin anew and have been working on it for a while. During all the planning, guessing, building, creating and researching a impression maintained sneaking up on me. The sensation of redundancy of content and its purpose in our own market as marketeers.

Looking at a lot of questions and post on this sub and others subs that are related I feel that al lot of content is just a reworded transcript to get eyes on your website as a marketeer. But almost none of this really is unique or original. I entail I get it, we all are fishermen in the same fishbowl so we use the same bait.

But the content is so uninspiring that I hesitate to even take a wild guess as how many of the post actually give any results for the company that places them on this sub or others.

So the impression I get is that many might not be satisfied or happy in the performance of their duties.

I love writing and creating, but looking at so many uninspiring and unoriginal content carrying the same titles that seem to start like: 10 things to know..this is what the top ten .., did you know..etc etc. It feels as if many are not even trying to get a personal view or insight but are fighting to make a living utilizing tactics that feel so, lets say cramped up.

As if it is creating by reflex instead of inspiration.

As I am sure many of you have been way longer in the field than I but since I am returning to the field, I wonder: Do you distinguish any of this or am I reading style to much into it? If you do recognize this, what is your doctrine on this?

Ps not a native English speaker so please do not feel to annoyed by grammar and spelling mistakes 🙂


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