There’s something I’m getting really sick of seeing. It goes like this:” How to Market to Generation Y .” Or,” What Your Content is Missing if You Want Millennials to Pay Attention .” Or even,” Forget Millennials: Generation Z is the New Y .”

Basically, it’s the wave of content online that’s telling us the secret to unlocking the mystery that is the millennial.

If you’re a millennial, which I am( yes, I’m willing to self-identify ), it’s easy to feel a little bit like you’re a lab experiment, being poked and prodded and poured out of a test tube.

But I actually don’t think millennials are as complicated or mysterious as some would have us believe.

What all these articles and tips-off totally miss the mark on is that if you preoccupy yourself with creating content that appeals to millennials, you’re going to end up with a charade of kinds that sounds like your grandparents trying to use gamer slang.

If you make a cocktail of millennial-oriented platitudes, then millennials, along with everybody else, will see through it. What you should be spending your time on is creating content that is genuinely good, without regard to age or emoji fluency.

Think about literature. Why does Huckleberry Finn continue to be relevant and meaningful for young and old alike 200 years after its publication? Because it’s good. It taps into something deeply human that has the power to thrill and provoke believed in anyone who has a pulse.

I listen to Bon Iver, but I also listen to The Beatles. Why? Because I think it’s good stuff. Quality has little to do with age or era.

Let me tell you the secret to millennials: They appreciate good stuff.

Yes, I realize that a sweeping blanket statement like that is always problematic, but it’s largely true. Millennials will like your content if it’s good content — if you tell an interesting and meaningful story. If your content is crap, then millennials won’t like it, and baby boomers won’t either.

So stop marketing to millennials and start connecting with people . Tell a human story, and humen of all different backgrounds will sit down to listen. The world will be a better place because of it.


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