Email Swipe Files Flat Line Sales

Email Swipe Files Flat Line Sales

Copy a Guru?

Someone has to sound the alarm on this topic … It seems everywhere you appear some email marketing guru is giving away email swipe files.

What may seem easy now will merely cause your business to flounder in the very near future. Appear at email swipe files like steroids, they may give you immediate outcomes, but will merely cause massive long-term damage.

Email as personal relationship

Email marketing has changed drastically over the last several years. People want a relationship with who they do business and learn from. What they don’t want is some generic running of the mill email. Those types of emails get sent straight to the round file( trash can ).

For the newbie email writer they might find that swipe files initially get them reaction and maybe even a few sales, but long-term catastrophe is waiting. Your list( who are real people mind you) become accustom to a certain style of writing and personality. Guess about your favorite radio depict – if suddenly the host changed you would lose interest in the depict or be disappointed. When the price is right lost Bob Barker they also lost a ton of fans, and that is what happens when you use email swipe files.

At some phase you are able to run out of swipe files and have to start writing the emails yourself, and when you build the switch you will lose a large portion of your list. And it’s all because they are familiar with you, your style, and yes, your personality.

If you plan on using email marketing as a long-term strategy for your business, and you should, it is one of the most profitable strategies online, learn how to write email the right way from the beginning.

3 basic principles

Follow 3 basic principles in your email structure and your emails will have a significant increase in conversions.

  1. Make your email personal and write to a specific person. Guess about writing to a friend and not to a group of people.
  2. Use narratives in your emails. People love to listen to narratives, read narratives and buy from narratives. Plus they are easily recollected and shared often. If you use narratives in your emails, your list will love you and more importantly want to buy from you!
  3. Always use a call to action to a sales page. One of the most commonly misconstrue actions of emails is where to send your reader. Most are stuck in the “gotta send to content ” mentality. The email marketers who send to blogs, podcasts, articles and videos are the ones missing out on massive sales. Content is used to build your list, once someone is on your list you should be sending them to your product or service, because that is the best way you can help solve their problem.

If you follow these 3 key components of effective emails you will see a drastic increased number of sales and conversions. Plus you will begin to separate yourself from all the other noise that people see in their email inbox everyday.

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