Without trust , no one will buy

Not all content is equal

Social media is over inundated with quotes and offers that add little to no value. Posting content just for the sake of it will get you nowhere. The content you post must have a purpose and add value in some way.

Who are you talking to ?

Your content will be more effective if you have an ideal customer audience( one specific type of person you want to target .) This is important because everyone answers differently to different content. A man and a woman will be drawn to certain colourings and graphics. A mom vs a college student will connect to different styles of writing, videos etc. You must know who you’re talking to.

Will they remember you ?

Chances are that a potential buyer will not buy from you the first time they see your offer. Experts say it takes 5-10 days for a person to see a marketing message before they take action. You have to publish valuable content consistently, so they’ll remember you when they need your service or products.

The easy route will come back to haunt you

Everyone who is trying to build a business with social media has been contacted by agencies who sell follower, likes, subscribers etc. Don’t fall into that trap. To start it’s against the policies. Your account could get shut down. But also fake adherents won’t be your ideal client audience. They won’t care about your offers and it will take time away that could have been used building genuine relationships.

Be patient .

It takes time to start assuring results. Try not to focus too much on the numbers but rather the qualifications of participation. There is no need to having millions of adherents who don’t engage with your content. Check out this video for more details on the tips I mentioned above.


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