Intentional Marketing As consumers, we become smarter and we dislike being sold. We need to know your “WHY” and your tale. Marketing campaigns focused on sales will fail. Tell us your WHY and stimulate us your mark.

Augmented Reality Users want immersive and memorable experiences that can be shared on social media. With advances in technology, marketers have the opportunity to create innovative campaigns that incorporate the digital world into the real world.

LinkedIn is Expanding Have you recently ensure your LinkedIn feed? It’s becoming a professional storytelling platform and it’s just the beginning.

Demo videos Online shoppers who watch demo videos buy 1.81 times more than non-viewers. more than 200 million people watch videos on social media like fb, instagram, twitter every day. Should I say something here?

Representation of employees Brands will realize that one of the best ways to reach their potential customers is through their employees. They will invest more in tools and training to educate their employees on how to become brand ambassadors.

live video streaming We are just starting the live video and it’s a great tool to build participation. Fb Live and YouTube Live, the company can utilize its expansive inventor and advertising network to generate even more video to be hosted and monetized. YouTube builds it incredibly easy to aim, shoot and post.

Bulk SMS/ Email marketing

Pay — Per- click( PPC)

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