Quotes are always re-shared like crazy. This is one of those things that’s almost sure to work no matter how many times you do it. Quote never get old. The fun thing about sharing quotes is that it will get more re-shares than remarks – https :// www.searchenginejournal.com/ boost-social-media-engagements-using-quotes /

Quotes and text-based images are a simple but effective style to boost engagement speedily with your Instagram posts – https :// blog.hootsuite.com/ instagram-post-ideas /

Now they are some of my most shared content on every platform , not just Instagram. Easy to attain, effective and attractive, you should add them to your content regularly – https :// imninjas.com/ blog/ social-media/ create-awesome-eye-catching-instagram-content /

Humorous, inspiring or motivational quotes always perform well – https :// www.forbes.com/ sites/ jaysondemers/ 2014/06/ 25/100 -killer-ideas-for-your-social-media-content /~ ATAGEND

That gave me the idea to create an app to generate beautiful quotes images customized with your brand logo and link. The outcome is ViralQuotes( https :// viralquotesonline.com ).

Is a web app ideal for social marketing automation, a social media content generator. You can choose from a wide range of topics and enjoy an original define of custom quotes, with backgrounds chosen from a quality define of royalty-free images.

I appreciate if someone let me know where could be a great place to show this app, because I think is useful but for a very specific niche.

Also, any feedback would be great, suggestions, critics, notions, etc.


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