Search Engine Optimisation( SEO) is something that most companies can improve upon. Content creation is an important part of any SEO strategy, and video can be an unbelievably powerful way to draw people in.

Companies who use video as part of their SEO strategy can expect to see an approximate 157% increase in organic traffic! This attains sense when you consider that the world’s second largest search engine is entirely video based( YouTube) and is owned by the worlds largest search engine( Google ).

90% of consumers say that product demonstration videos are a helpful part of the decision making process. 64% of consumers also stated that they were more likely to make a purchase after watching a companies video online.

When surveyed, 74% of consumers said that they had made a buy immediately after watching a demo video, and 77% said that watching a product demo video convinced them to buy a product.

If you have been blogging previously, try taking some of your more popular blog posts and filming a video about them. In many cases, this can just be you talking about the subject in more detail and can be filmed in front of your computer from a webcam.

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