Something I hadn’t thought of before though was using them for client acquisition. We tend to use them for our present customers. I came across an article The foundation of this idea: “Newsletters that deliver results focus on helping readers overcome their challenges.”

The post suggests constructing and establishing authority on your topic and get people to click through to your other content marketing. You want readers to respect your ideas and advice to the point that they are encouraged to read more.

This post also includes some actionable tips-off when it comes to making a newsletter.

This is a great refresher for anyone who has been using newsletters that might need some new ideas, or for anyone who hasn’t experimented with newsletters before.

We have always found that our customers that already love us genuinely enjoy receiving updates and narratives from us. I’m actually interested in expanding this to people who maybe don’t know us as well.

What has your experience been using email newsletter marketing for customer acquisition? What are your thoughts?


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