I did this/ am doing this because I say a comment from someone who had spent over 1k on courses. Now, don’t get me wrong- courses are great; ebooks are great; I’ve sold some and I will sell some in the future but if you have expended 1k on such things and have had no success, then either the material is crap( high likelihood) or the person failing is unlucky/ dumb/ lazy( I cannot remark without knowing the person well ). So, here’s my attempt to help out. I generally do not spoon feed…and I have been inundated with questions already, so, if I am curt with you, do not take it personally. This is just to whet your appetite and create a drive in you to go seek ideas and info.

I’ve also been told that people opt the short super easy material … so, i’ve truncated the information as well. So…let’s get on with it.

Recap: This is what I had outlined for the 10 days.

1: Into with 5 free Affiliate marketing methods.
2: The Art of Affiliate Marketing
3: How to Find a Niche
4: House a Decent Blog/ Site Cheaply
5: Build Authority Websites: Backlinks and Content!
6: 5 ways to get great “Do-Follow” Links
7: The Dumbest Ideas That Have Worked and Why they Work
8: —open for suggestion/ question. If none, then the topic is likely to be” Dropshipping in 2019 —
9: The Art of Going Viral
10: —Case Studies: provide me with your work plan and we will use it for a case study for the sub( 3 example studies max) — Now that we have that out of the way, I cannot wait tomorrow!

Because of the postpone, items 8 -1 0 are removed. So, I’ve linked the posts already made here and I will be posting the remainder … right away. I’ve shortened them and removed any suggestions that you would have needed to pay for/ purchase.

To compensate for the removed days, I will be sharing my journey as I rank and grow https :// www.mymasterbody.com/ keto /

This is a site created by a fellow redditor. He has asked me to partner and depict him how to grow the site. As you can see, it is spammy looking and if you research the domain, has little activity. I’ll do a weekly( or there about) update with action items and results.

Day 1: post completed .

Day 2: post completed

Day 3: Completed but I will post a new simpler one .

Stay tuned for the next posts!


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