Leveraging User Data

One of the panelists talked about how they centralise cross-platform data into one CRM. This makes it possible to enrich current user data that may have been siloed.

Although this is possible through the use of data brokers or data management platforms( DMPs ), the panellists shared how their brand was able to collect this as first-party data.

As this brand was based in the travel industry, they had created an email competition that dedicated away a $5000 vacation voucher.

To enter the rivalry, users were required to answer a few brief questions about where they would like to travel, what kind of experiences they would enjoy, and who they would travel with.

This data was then added to an individuals account for future utilize. This was a much more engaging experience than simply asking users to update their details.

Using Interactive Asset

Using interactive assets within an email is a powerful style to drive more engagement and overall conversions.

Interactive assets can include giphs, videos, or html elements.

One of the panellists shared some data collected by Campaign Monitor, which disclosed the average engagement rates from emails that used static images, versus those that utilised html assets.

The static assets within an email considered an 18% involvement rate, whereas the interactive assets watched a 82% engagement rate.

Analysing Performance Data

As with every facet of digital marketing, it’s important to continually monitor the performance of campaigns and make iterations based on data.

There’s no point in A/ B testing email elements if you have no intention to utilise that data in future campaigns.

Every brand is unique and hosts their own average open, engagement, and conversion rates – so important to experiment over period and find what works in your unique surrounding.

Hopefully these insights can help add some value to your email strategy.

I’d love to know if there’s any automation or email strategies you’re also receiving effective?

If you’d be interested in catching the full breakdown of the event I attended, you can read my full summary here.


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