Three tracks I see in “affiliate marketing” circles 😛 TAGEND

  1. Campaign builders

  2. Link pushers

Option 1 is the most PROFITABLE. It involves the most time and endeavor. But often are the ones that reach top 1% and are profitable for years to come.

Option 2 is the most POPULAR. It necessitates more money then day. Profitability varies on individual skill and marketing budget

Option 3 is the most PRACTICED. Often committed by newbies and “Get rich quick” crowd necessitates very little time, fund, or skill. Link pushers are more susceptible to falling for Scams and the shiny object syndrome.

Before you get into network marketing, affiliate marketing, Ecommerce, or running a service based business from home study the top 1% of the industry.

Are they relying strictly on paid ad or are they visible on Google Search?

Do they have a social media presence?

What do they post about on social media?

Do they have simply a landing page or do they have an authority site?

What are their recommendations and industry do’s and don’ts?

Then decide how you should go about entering the space.

Increase your chances of being in the “1 0% that makes it” verse the 90% that don’t.


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