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The first step to getting your market’s attention, speak of what they am worried about — right?

Well, it sounds simple enough…

Until you’re responsible for coordinating 6 Tweets, 4 IG posts, and 1 Facebook post per day PLUS 1( or more) weekly email detonations for months on end.

Yikes! Requiring to pump out that ridiculous sum of content day in and day out can drain even the most chatty and creative person, that’s for sure.

Ecommerce owneds, how do you drive traffic to your site? I bet that paid ads are a big part of your traffic strategy( especially Facebook ads) — right?( Right ????)

Creating marketings and promotions have always been a key tool in driving revenue for retail businesses.

They key to a successful promotion, a Christmas or Valentine’s day promotion for example, is having the foresight to scheme it in advance.

Really, you should be planning your promotions out — locking down a date, making promotional materials, getting clear on your paying advertising strategy, setting up the “backend”( like making the coupon code, how big of a discount, writing promotional emails to go along with it) — a few weeks to a month in advance. You can even easily plan a few months, or a year in advance with what I’m about to show you.

I’m going to show you what tools I use to get unlimited notions for timely posts. Facebook ads, content marketing/ blog posts, email detonations, interacting on Twitter, Instagram, and unlimited notions for any time you’re talking about your business.


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