To effectively turn out results and conversions, your content marketing must have a strategy and a defined direction. Having a define objective and knowing how to achieve them through strategizing your contents can help you boost your marketing success by a few leaps.

An article I have read a while back talks about why strategizing your content is important in order to succeed in your content marketing endeavours.

Here a summary of that article and how you are able to strategize your own content as well:

Yourself why you are doing content marketing. List the core reasons and the goals you hope to achieve through your contents.

Who are you aiming to affect your contents with? Knowing your purchaser persona is vital when crafting your articles. Writing without knowing who you are targeting your contents with is as useless as taking a knife to engrave a stone. Your contents should be fashioned after the people whom you want to buy your stuff.

What are your contents going to be? What specific actions do you want your readers to perform after reading some of your contents?

When is the right time to send out your contents? Or in what order should they be published? Having a sequence and building up your website with the right materials is essential. Starting with the basics before advancing to the more complex topic is a good way to jumpstart your content marketing.

To where do you send them? And when I say where, I am referring to exact locating, such as a physical address or the inboxes of your targeted audience.

What is the method of sending your contents? Is it through Snail mail, through postage, pigeon carriers, etc.

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