Why Email Swipe Files Flat Line Marketings

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Copy a Guru? Someone has to sound the alarm on this topic … It seems everywhere you appear some email marketing guru is giving away email swipe files. What may seem easy now will merely cause your business to flounder in the very near future. Appear at email swipe files like steroids, they may give… Read more »

The Secret to Effective Email Marketing

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If you’re looking for the secrets of effective and successfull Email Marketing, here’s the ONE word to follow: RESPECT 1. Respect Your Subscribers’ Inbox They signed up to get your freebie doesn’t mean you’ve earned your place in their inbox. Besides making good on your promise and sending the freebie, set an expectation on what… Read more »

The Benefits of Autoresponders

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Have you ever asked yourwself if you need an autoresponder for your business? Or if there’s any utilize of it for your type of products and clients? Such articles will enlighten you about the benefits and advantages of autoresponders. Read on and find out more. The Benefits of Autoresponders 1 .) How are anonymous website… Read more »

Planning Your Email Marketing

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Your best chance of success with email marketing is to create a plan based on the products that you want to promote. It all starts with your product funnel, which leads to your content marketing plan, which leads to your email marketing calendar. All email marketing should be focused toward promoting your products and/or services… Read more »