After working in Digital Marketing for over a decade, I have heard a lot of irritating comments and received a lot of strange questions that could easily fit into a meme. although the top five things I have heard on a consistent basis that still causes me to internally scream are:

  1. This person has X-Thousand followers, so it's totally worth paying them to push our product.

This is a commonly uttered remark in the age of influencer marketing and it still causes me emotional pain when I hear it. Firstly, just because someone has 20,000 followers, does not mean 20,000 people will see anything you do with them. People often forget to look at what matters, like their engagement rates, audience demographics and the image they portray. Plus, in 2017 I already feel like 90% of the insta-models and influencers are losing their edge as we are already becoming immune to their powers of influence.

  1. We need a Facebook page, because we have a low budget.

Unless you have a time machine to go back to 2008, you need to seriously re-evaluate your marketing plan if you think Facebook is still the "free" marketing platform it once was. Facebook's current algorithm and cost of ads has almost put it on par (probably even more expensive) than Google AdWords for many industries.

If you haven't got at least $100 per month to be boosting the odd post, you shouldn't even be using Facebook.

  1. We can fix the website later, lets just do this AdWords campaign first.

If you had a physical store, which had paint peeling off the walls, filthy floors and was hard to find anything inside, would you spend your money fixing the place up or spending the budget on advertising? There is nothing more cringe worthy than seeing a company spend thousands on sending people to their sub-standard site which is riddled with errors and has a poor user experience.

If you have the budget to do SEO, SEM or any online advertising, you should always dedicate part of the budget to ensure your website is up to scratch.

  1. So when will Google find this on my site?

I don't work for Google. Google runs their own search algorithms and barely throws out hints on how they are prioritising search to web developers. If I knew what Google knew I wouldn't be here giving you advice, I would be on a yacht in the Bahamas paying someone else to be sitting here.

  1. So you're in Digital Marketing right? Can you fix my computer?



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