Refer to his post: https :// r/ Affiliatemarketing/ remarks/ 3q1iaj/ advice_needed_just_got_into_affiliate_marketing /

I guess I can just tell you want constructed my website rank and hopefully that’ll be some help.

There’s two camps of Amazon affiliate marketing when you first start:( 1) Intense keyword and competition research, and( 2) write about something you enjoy/ already have a little expert knowledge in. For my amazon site I went down the “write what you know” route, because in the end the only style be left in the top pages of google is if your content is killer. AKA Content is King!( cliche, I know ).

Secondly I didn’t want to constantly be updating my blog as I have university and other commitments. Today I only post once every 2-3months. So the first thing I did was create a resource segment prefect for my niche that would be timeless. This section involved no affiliate links, it was just about attaining great/ timeless content people would find useful. This is something that helps build authority.

After that I made a facebook, and instagram and posted cool images relevant to my niche as well as my own website content. I sort of built a mini brand, for example I have~ 4000 facebook likes and~ 1500 insta adherents. I also find Google+ communities to post in. However “youve never” post just plain “click here for best kitchen sinks” – you want to create value. So you want to first remark and contribute or simply like other people’s posts. Then you can post your posts, but don’t make it sound like your selling something.

This is when I generated the “best xxx xxx” and “Best xxx xxx under$ xxx” posts. But once again I chose I didn’t wishes to straight up sell something, I wanted to create value as that would bide relevant. So these posts are very detailed explaining the different classes of XXX and what features to look out for, and the pros/ con of various types of XXX. And at the end of the post I have a “MY PICKS SECTION”.

Now that you have killer content, you need to promote it. I posted them on my social media posts, G+ communities and also I took the advice of the guy below to build links to them. Pretty much reaching out to influencers etc( I don’t do this much as I don’t have the time, but I actually should ):

http :// link-building

http :// how-to-rank-for-any-keyword

http :// high-quality-backlinks


( 1) Create A resource site

( 2) Create murderer content

( 3) Build a mini brand via social media/ mailing list

( 4) Create keyword researched purchaser intent posts that contain value

( 5) Promote content via your own social media/ relevant forums/ email listing and email influencers who may be interested in sharing your content.

Hope I helped.


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