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Ever since its official launch in February 2014, it has reached milestones every few months.

From 500,000 daily active users on its first birthday, they more than doubled that within just four months, and simply in October they fast forwarded that number to 1.7 million daily active users.

So, how did Slack grow from nothing to an app that everyone can’t live without?

( I’ve added my own takeaways that you can apply to your own company !)

1. Slack has an excellent onboarding strategy for new users, delighting them with its warmth and simplicity

Being a new tool, you’d imagine it was probably difficult for Slack to convince people to change their entire team’s communication process to a instead unfamiliar platform.

Instead of letting that become a obstacle, Slack managed to solicit a positive experience from this challenge by putting together a step-by-step guide on the on-boarding process that helps make sure new users understand the product’s functionalities and oddities in a fun and highly interactive way — all within just a few clicks.

My Own Takeaways 😛 TAGEND The onboarding process is notoriously neglected for many companies. An onboarding process need not just be for apps, but it can be applied for any company that requires users to learn how to use their product. How are you able attain the entire onboarding experience positive and easy-to-understand? How can you attain the process fun and cool so that people will talk about it? If you have a strong referral program, you don’t need to expend that much fund on customer acquisition. How are you able create a great referral program for your company? Can you stimulate your existing users or customers refer others in? Who are your target clients? Who else has your target customers? Can you integrate with them( if you’re an app )? If you aren’t, are you able be associated with similar companies that your target clients also buy from?

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