The main issue is the constant link spamming with no try for keeping the discussion here, so the first regulations are 😛 TAGEND Link submissions to blogs, articles or videos are not allowed If you want to share your own content, create a text-post with your article and have a link in the end to your site. If your post is too long, summarize the main points and have a link to the full article. If you want to share someone else’s content, write a few words about it, and nation your opinion or question to encourage discussion. Connect the article/ video/ etc in the end of your post. Sensationalized/ clickbait titles are not allowed.
Use appropriate panache to mark your posts. If you can’t find a panache that’s matches your post, select “Other” and contact the mods with a flair submission.
This place is not for offering services or looking for a chore, these posts belong in / r/ forhire, or / r/ jobs. You will have to have 10 remark karma to submit a new post. This is really easy to achieve, just go out there and contribute to the community.

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