I have scaled numerous adspends up to $300 – $600 a day( this is adspend , not sales) without negatively influencing my conversion rate. Remember facebook is always changing its algorithm, just like every other platform. This means you need to keep learning what the latest techniques are.

21min video, discussing everything from what platform to employ, all the way to statistical significance/ confidence intervals. Something for everyone: https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v =d kLvo0R 6k04

Starting a campaign 😛 TAGEND As a side not, keep it simple, and make it completely unemotional. Numbers don’t lie and merely because you spent hours making your ad transcript, doesn’t mean people are guaranteed to like it :(* Pick your platform. If you are advertising something eye catching and artistic that is aimed at 14 -3 0 year olds, instagram is your place. If you are targetting 55 year old single mums, facebook is your place. Frankly you should try both and ensure which performs better. Pick three products and find high quality images for them. Add a border on the outside and make it a bright colour. Add special stamps somewhere on it with the key benefit of your product. The objective here is to catch people attention. Broad or niche? This is a question you need to ask depending on your product. If it is a pen, target broad. If it is a pokemon mug, target people that like pokemon. I favor products that I can target a broad audience with, because that entails I can scale it further without burning my audience out. Spend $10 a day per ad. After three – five days, utilize statistical significance/ confidence intervals to determine if your ad is worth keeping up. If it is losing money/ has no chance in the future, cut it and try with a new product or photo. Any less than $10 and you won’t get enough data. Any more and you risk losing too much money. Once you find your winning product, don’t stop. Make new variations of the ad with different borders, different colored stamps/ text, and different descriptions( merely change one variable per picture ). See if you are able further improve your click through rate/ conversion rate. This is where everyone will argue. There are heaps of techniques and I will list the two that I think are best. I have utilized both sets of successfully to take my store to 4 figure days.

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