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http :// omggimme.com

The concept is simple: find interesting and unique products which are available through affiliate programs, separate them into various categories and share them on the site. My original scheme was to first populate the site with a good selection of products in each category and then promote the site via targeting audiences based on each category via ads on Facebook.

Considering I’ve never truly done anything like this before, I was hoping to get some feedback about site design as well as thoughts on alternating( and preferably free or inexpensive) methods of promotion.

Couple more bullet points to consider before commenting 😛 TAGEND

-I realise I’m not doing anything original here. This model is nothing new( i.e. thisiswhyimbroke.com, dudeiwantthat.com, etc .)

-I realize that producing enough traffic to make the project profitable will take a long time. Years even. I’m prepared for that. I’m learning as I go which is the whole point for me.

Anything helps. Thanks !!

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