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    Good question…
    Guess it’s just because they are used to it and it’s easier to take it with you (although this is changing more and more).
    Another good point for (the really good newspapers) is structuring information in helpful chunks and was a gatekeeper for quality and facts… This is also changing at the moment.
    There are great Websites with curated contents, awesome comments and additional info given by the readers as co-authors.
    I’m pretty sure that the newspapers are replaced by Online Media as curated, well-structured, quality-proven and interactive versions..
    A kind of ancient communication scientist in the late 60’s of the last century stated that real emancipated mass media is only possible if every receiver gets’s a sender too… Well, he had the radio in his mind but in the end, it is the internet and the possibility of reading and writing…

    Hmmm… a little bit like this site I guess 🙂

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    Thanks a lot! 🙂
    Would love to hear what else you would appreciate reading here…

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    great to hear that.. Thanks!
    Are you interested in sharing your insights, too? Just add some of the cool Articles, Websites, Videos you found extremly helpful.



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