I’m experienced in some areas of digital marketing but haven’t really dabbled into affiliate marketing. Some questions 😛 TAGEND

I have found a niche which get roughly 8k UK searches per month. No one else has anything like this on here apart from eBay and etsy products but not a dedicated website. The most popular products will be about PS10-12 with 5% committee. Can anyone assure any possible in this at all?

The affiliate I will be using is Amazon as I don’t want to have to sign up only to view if they have industries willing to affiliate these sort of products which I’m pretty sure they won’t. Can anyone recommended somewhere which entails I can automatically update my website with Amazon listings as I will have hundreds of products.

also it will be set up like an ecommerce site but connecting through to Amazon. Can anyone recommend any decent ecommerce website providers at affordable prices? Would favor s build your own website type of thing but understand wix is difficult for this.

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