This is a big investment so is it even worth going with something like ACT-ON, Hubspot, Pardot etc. or is MailChimp, SendGrid, or CampaignMonitor (currently using) a solid solution? I guess I need to know the key differences? It is hard to justify $10,000+ a year when solutions like MailChimp are out there.

I need too:

• Generate leads

• Automation / Automate Emails (How powerful is Automation? Do you have a really good example?) (New to this)

• Assign leads to sales reps

• Build email campaigns

• Website Tracking

• Individual tracking through emails and website

o Being able to see reports on how many times an individual has visited our website, searched, opened emails, clicked links on emails, filled out forms.

I have looked at:

• Hubspot

• ActiveCampaign


• Pardot (I will not be purchasing Salesforce)


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