Good Digital Marketing = Good Process. Facebook is shaping the future of advertising so to keep my clients happy, I had to build a consistent approach for Facebook advertising different from what I was doing with Google Adwords. Here are my 6 steps to create successful Facebook ads. Enjoy :

A. Inspiration

  1. Look for advertising inspiration through archives [1930's to now]. Focus on the way other advertisers tried to convince their audience. (ask questions like: What they sell? To whom? Why they chose these words? …) [ I stole this idea from Russell Brunson]

  2. Visit to see how today's designers communicate ideas (Look at the way they use colours and play with themes…).

B. Concept building

  1. Visit Facebook audience insights, look at the target audience's most liked pages (This is what they care about).

  2. Visit the top 2-3 websites, find inside jokes or subjects in the blogs (Take notes of sentences that could eventually be used in an ad copy).

  3. Revisit Charlie Munger’s 25 cognitive biases list and find the one to use. (Mix the relevant biases with the sentences found in step 4).

  4. Find images on that reflect well with the copy.

Finally, Create and launch the ads as a test with a budget of 5$/day for 3 days.

I've been doing this process for a year and I couldn't be more happy with the results. I would like some feedback and suggestion from others in digital marketing.


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