Hi there helpful people of the Internet, I merely tried utilizing Campaigner free trial, but upon exploring the user interface I found that it lacked many of the most important features I was looking for. Here’s the conversation I then had with their live chat supporting 😛 TAGEND I would like to set it up so that I can have different email strings that send automatically to people based on which listing I put them on. When I add someone to, say, List A, I want them to get a welcome email, then 5 days later Email A, five days after that Email B, 12 days after that Email C, and so on. Is this doable ? It is doable with Workflows, which would need to be enabled if they aren’t already. Generally Workflows are only available on accounts that pay $549.95 per month or more though. You would want to contact sales for a quote to be sure. Did you want their contact information ?

Ah, I’m not looking to pay that much for an email service at this point. Those seem like pretty basic features to be only available at that cost point

Actually workflows are quite advanced. The welcome email on it’s own can be done as an autoresponder, which is available on a basic level, but the delays for the rest of them would need to be done as a drip campaign which is only available through workflows regrettably. Was there anything else I can help you with though ? Apparently not .

Right now I have about 150 contacts and do not expect to have more than 1000 any time real soon. I’d like to pay $50 or less per month for an email service that does what I want it to. Do ya’ll know of any?

EDIT : I’ve gone with Mailchimp, and it’s able to do everything I wanted. Thanks all for the advice!

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