But the lack of any sort of discussion& interaction is really bumming me out. Why don’t we share what we have learned so far? I’ll start by sharing my background.( What little I have at least)

Experience: Currently handling a 700,000 email listing subscriber that sends out 1 email/ week. I work for a company, this isn’t my own list.

I have employed MailChimp before and I to talk with my management that it may be time to move out of MailChimp as we were suffering deliverability issues with MailChimp. We moved to ActiveCampaign which is advertised as number 1 in deliverability, as well a very good platform for advanced automations in Email marketing.

They lack a lot of reporting tools and analytics, however. So for me to have detailed reports, I have to basically split my listings to several list, and send one list, one campaign.

Currently, I’m still exploring everything in the dark. I’m trying to increase participation and click rates with my emails, but I don’t know what else to try.

Anyway, why don’t you guys share your experience and backgrounds. Maybe we all can help and discuss with each other what to do?


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