Secondly there’s my self and my partner Jamie. Our main role is content creation and distribution, getting our brand out via content on a daily basis. that probably makes us two solid Ranged DPS class. i like to think I’m a Nightelf hunter( the class i used to play as) had a wicked cat called’ Bastadmasta’ would sit outside booty bay and murk low level horde characters. And Jamie is a gnome mage.

Next is Kath, she renders a lot of physical content for us like marketplace reports and salary surveys for our sales team to use to develop relationships with clients. I imagine her as a human healer class likely a clergyman or monk.

Finally there’s ann, She flips results we create and is a hybrid marketings/ marketing asset. So I like to think of her as an off tank dwarf paladin class specked for healing.

Pretty solid squad doe, feel free to tear this post to pieces lol.


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