I don’t know if “its from” the company I work at but it’s so boring. I used to work for Marriott as a housekeeping supervisor because I was actually doing something. All I do is stay in front of a computer and hear people who have no notion what they are talk my about discussing and mentioning abbreviations like SEO( which is now being glorified and I don’t know why ). It takes me 15 minutes to optimise my SEO to land a page on the first pages of google.

I just think that the whole industry is air under pressure full of companies who overcomplicate things like Google Analytics abilities. I mean … go looking for keywords is now a skill.

I have to get 2 approvals until I post something on InstaStories that disappears in 24 hours and comes with nitpicking for another 2 days.

Just a rant on the companies taking this so seriously and I do everything for 1 hour and in the next 7 I just watch videos on YouTube teaching myself other things. I’m so bored and it doesn’t have any meaning.

All you need is one post to get viral and you will win. Same with blogs, videos and all that and companies expend ridiculous quantities of fund in people to” post pictures on Instagram”


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