Things have been going well lately 😛 TAGEND In July I earned a total of $1,728 from various affiliate programs from various affiliate programs In August I earned $2,490 Nofollow Building backlinks Affiliate revealings Google Adsense Alternatives to Google Adsense Caching Updating content External linking to authority sites Quoting sources Outsourcing content Schema markup Featured snippets Video( no training in OEC series) YouTube SEO Alternatives to Jaaxy Which sources of traffic are best and why Email marketing Instagram WordPress page builders It’s not until the 46 th lesson of the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” that you receive instructions on how to plan out an article before you start writing it. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if you hadn’t already been advised to write 20+ articles throughout the previous 45 lessons! In Level 3, Lesson 7 of the OEC you’re advised to set up a Google Adsense account. Then, in the very next lesson, you’re told that actually Google Adsense is a waste of time and you should focus your efforts on affiliate marketing instead. Level 4, Lesson 9 of the” Affiliate Bootcamp” is about creating your own videos. Five lessons later, the same topic is covered again as if for the first time.

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