I started thinking about keywords and niches during run and tried to pop notions for what keywords to research.

I asked my brother if he wanted to join in, dividing 50/50 and run this project together with me. I heard a lot of affiliates get either burned out or unmotivated – sometimes before even turning to profits. Having a partner seemed like a good way to avoid either of those things from happening.

So what we did was purchasing a WP-theme, domain name and all other basics. I reached out to and old friend of mine who happens to be a very successfull arts director and asked if he would design out logo. We paid 100$ “Buddy-price”.

So once we started working with the site I rapidly realise how much period it devours when you start from scratch with little knowledge.

Since I run a lot, spending the desired period has been hard. I’ve been limited to 3-4 hours per day. So we started outsourcing. We’re outsourcing content, some small web-development things that it was necessary to fixing and then even more content.

The question that made me lately was “Shit, what if reddit believes pumping all this cash into the project before even insuring a dime is really stupid? “

So yeah, thats kinda what I’m wondering. IF you had financial resource when you started out, in retrospect, would you do it?

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