The strategy works by writing reviews of all the products in your niche, and than tempting your readers to choose your affiliate product as the better choice.

FOR EXAMPLE, with my first website I sold an affiliate fat burner called, “Phen3 75 “. Ranking for “Phen3 75 review” was nearly impossible back then for me.

So I reviewed EVERY fat burner on the market, and inside those reviews would recommend Phen3 75 as the better fat burner. Hence the name, “bait and switch”.

The goal is not to target keywords like, “Product name review” which can be costly, but instead write the best possible review for similar products and rank for their long-tail keywords with buying intent.

FOR EXAMPLE, writing a review about Hydroxycut may not rank for “Hydroxycut Review”. However the review may rank for, “Is Hydroxycut legal in Canada”. That’s buying intent. Now all you have to do is convince the reader to buy your product instead.

Content will build or violate the strategy. You always have to write better content than the remainder. 3,000 -5, 000 word reviews. h2-h3 subsections each with images. 2-3 supporting YouTube videos. I’d encompas every aspect of the product, benefits, side effects, results, pros and cons, manufacturer, etc … Then create supporting 500 term articles like, “Is Hydroxycut safe during pregnancy” and link back to the review.

This would rank me for so many long-tail keywords related to the bait product, then the switch would take place in the review.

On the sidebar would be a “top 3 fat burners” with Phen3 75 as# 1. In the reviews they would start with, “Editor’s Choice: Instead of XXX try Phen3 75 for better results.” As well as a mid-section in each review promoting Phen3 75 with convincing information.

Eventually, some of my reviews did rank top 3 for “Product name review” too, but that was never my aim. I love long-tail keywords and good reviews will find plenty of traffic. Then all you have to do is earn their trust and promote the product you truly wish to sell.

Here’s a thorough rationale I made: https :// PsJYgSEoH5w

Best of luck !!! Cheers!


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