Anyway, i thought i’d share Facebook ads with you guys because there’s a lot of talking about FB ads, most people( who obviously know NOTHING about them) suppose the whole secret is in Facebook ads, but they’re really the simplest thing to do, at the least until you’re stimulating like 200 k a month, then you can start experimenting with stuff and use more advanced techniques( that i don’t know ), but until that point there’s just one thing you have to do.

First of all i know most of you guys are not even going to give this a try because some random guy claiming to construct 10 k a few months doesn’t make any sense to you, but if you paid 1,000$ for this you would definitely apply this, so….

Let’s get to the point, most of the work in Facebook ads is after retargeting, which happens through Facebook Pixel, but you can find tutorials for that, but in any case, you can’t REtarget if you haven’t reached a “critical mass” of results and data so that your retargeting makes any sense.

So, you two are install Facebook Pixel, then you integrate THAT Pixel with all your Clickfunnels, Leadpages, whatever you’re use, you only copy the big code in the “header code” section of Clickfunnels or Leadpages, and on any other page, then you select the other codes that represent events, meaning “stuff the prospect goes through”, and this is how the pixel gatherings data, because if you have a funnel, or an opt-in page, you insert the “he gave me his email” code in the thank-you-page, because if he’s there it entails he opted in, and you can do this with all kinds of stuff, but it’s easier to do than to explain, so just go find some videos about it or just open the Ads manager and figure it out yourself in the next 5 mins.

The only con in affiliate marketing is that you don’t have control over the whole process, so you can’t retarget to buyers because you’re not the vendor so you can’t integrate your pixel into the sales page, you can only go so “far” with it.

When you have the Pixel set up, ready to gather data for you to use in the future, you need to create the actual ad, and of course this happens inside the ad manager, you don’t create ads out of posts, that’s what people who never made any money with Facebook ads teach.

Let’s say you’re an affiliate for an electric guitar course, in the ads administrator you have the “audience insights” section, in that section you can insert targets and see the data about them, like if you put “guitar” in the interest section and consider 85% of people on Facebook interested in that are MEN, you’d better be targeting MEN in your ad , no phase in squander fund on that 15% too, and this works for all data like age too, you just set data in, consider what happens, then you change it etc.

When you have your somehow target, like humen aged 18 -3 5 not living in Idaho( that’s an example ), you set up 2 different ads, one targets people who are interested in “guitar”, “electric guitar” etc. and the other one that looks THE SAME as the first one targets people who are interested in “Eric Clapton”, “Slash” etc. and you defined these as ENGAGEMENT campaigns.

Of course you will have to try different targets, maybe it’s not Eric Clapton and it’s Kirk Hammett, you just try, there’s no escape to this. When you reach enough engagement you switch those ads to LEAD GENERATION. This is because people are more likely to click and opt-in to stuff that has likes comments and shares rather than an un-considered post.

And this is where you start getting results, still trying with the same ad but different scenes, different videos etc. but the same ad, same target, same copywriting, same everything, simply try different photos on the ad like 2 or 3.

When you start getting a shit ton of leads you can go for a retargeting campaign employing Facebook Pixel.


One little trick i really indicate you is to start around 20$ a day and SLOWLY increase that, because if you go from 20 to 50 a day too quick Facebook thinks you’re making a lot of money and increases your expense per lead.

For the same reason you have to keep increasing your cost NOW that you are getting leads for a low price, because it’s going to cost you more and more and MORE.

This last trick is worth like 3k, so you’re welcome.

Now your question might be: “but what happens after the Facebook ad? ” EXACTLY, that’s what marketing is.

The only role of your ad is to induce the right people click on it, it’s just where it begins. It’s like putting a “come in” sign on a store’s door, the amount of money the store is building is not about the sign, it’s about the inside of the store, what people find when they go through that door, if it’s a crappy place they’ll just leave , no matter how beautiful the “come in” sign was.



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