We’ve been trying to streamline our process, and I came upon such articles by Airtable today that I determined quite interesting. It’s called “How to operated a content pipeline with a large squad of remote freelancers.”( https :// airtable.news/ how-to-run-a-content-pipeline-with-a-large-team-of-remote-freelancers-7 1e19e9e03c4)

I supposed the article hit the nail on the head when it said: “The crux of current challenges with operating a squad of freelance writers is that they have other clients: you are not always their own priorities, but they are always your priority. This stimulates coordinating schedules and planning ahead significantly more challenging than if your writers were full-time employees.

“The only way to maintain sanity is to develop really good process so that you always know who is working on what and when it’s due.”

The piece then goes on to explain how to be established a multi-dimensional process fo the content in production( instead a linear one of “assign topic – write article” which hardly ever works ).

I guessed this approach was very interesting and that it would benefit others here who’re working with freelancers to create their content marketing plan.

I also wanted to ask: What process do you use for content production( particularly with freelances )? How do you make sure everything( drafts, revises, etc) get delivered at the right time( without freelancers flaking or putting into their lower priorities?

Would love to hear how others deal with this issue.


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