hey guys, so i just graduated and have been invited for an interview at this cinema for a Digital Marketing Associate role.

They have asked me to complete a small digital marketing scheme before they interview me here. This is what they said

“By January 30, Develop a digital marketing plan to generate paid admissions for a movie of YOUR CHOICE which is now proving or coming soon to[ CINEMA]( Please visit our website to select your preferred cinema) using ALL of the available digital channels; Website, Email Marketing, Paid Search, SEO, Social Media and others.

As part of your scheme, we would like to see a projected timeline and your proposed employ of a $1,000 budget. You will be expected to describe how you would plan to measure and report on the performance of the campaign, including the measurement tools you would use and an estimate of the expected performance each channel will generate( e.g reach, reactions, likes, opens and click-thrus ). Please be prepared to discuss your scheme in the event you are selected for an interview .” “

Could someone help me in regards to this bit? I am a graduate with internship experience though i have never made a digital marketing scheme myself before so it is a little daunting and i thought i would see if any of you guys could aid me through this process.

They would just require a basic scheme, so building some timelines in terms of the budget and how i would go about it. If i can get some advice on what channels, how to go about it and the budget employed i could use all that information and put it together for my scheme, but at the moment now i a little bit stumped because i haven’t done this before all on my own.

Thank you heaps in advance, i really appreciate it

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