Found this Q1 2019 Report from Merkle, a digital marketing agency with an office here in the SF bay area where I’m from about industry tendencies for 2019.

Here are some of current trends it talks about and predictions it induces

– Instagram ad spend growing 44% year to year and find largest visit growth at 114%

– Facebook and Google text ad expend decreasing

– CTR for ads in Facebook newsfeed down for the first time in a year, – 8%

– DuckDuckGo outpacing other search engines in terms of growth, but still relatively small

This seems to confirm a hunch I’ve had: that ppc ad is either going to phase out or be replaced by something else, and that people are gravitating away from Facebook and will start using Instagram as their preferred platform of choice until the next big thing comes along, which will probably be in the next 5-10 years or so if not sooner. Speaking as a newcomer in this field so I may be wrong.

What else do you predict this year or see happening now?


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