In this post, I will share with you guys the most undiscovered& underrated tools that can be used by you Digital marketers to ease your work and to increase your efficiency in handling your clients, generating more leadings using effective funnels, increasing overall productivity& ultimately for brand developing& management.

Top 10 Must Have Tools for Digital Marketers


If you are a serious Digital marketer you would know how important tracking& managing funnel is for a business. Utilizing Funnelytics you can easily map your funnels and track your overall activities to direct them to the end goal. We at Softscotch were carrying out multiple activities every day but none of them were tracked& none of them were directed to the end objective. But, with the help of Funnelytics we are now be permitted to view the whole map of activities and are able to direct every activity to the end goal.


One of the most effective ways to build a strong relationship or influence on your audience in 2018 is by creating Podcasts that provides value. It’s very easy to create a podcast but discovering a good& inexpensive hosting platform for your podcasts can be hard.

I researched& reviewed various platforms& eventually opt Buzzsprout because it hosts podcasts based on duration& not on sizing. It also integrates pretty well with WordPress.


Wanna taste AWESOMENESS?

Try Trello!

Trello is one of the best Project management tool available for Digital Marketers. If you don’t find it is helpful then you don’t know how to use it. Most digital marketers in the industry are outdated craps who don’t know how useful these tools are to increase productivity& efficiency.

Uses of Trello

– Organize Your Work.

– Track Your Work Progress.

– Organize Your Reading List.

– Content Calendar.

– Manage Your Money and Personal Budget.

– Planning& Executing Events.

– Recording Milestones.

– To-do Lists.

– Collaborating.

– Track Overtime Achievements.

Don’t miss this one. It takes time to explore but it’s worth it.


If you are active on Social networking sites then you would have figured out how important hashtags are and how it impacts the audience reach. Using the hashtags is easy but knowing which hashtag runs is tricky.

That is why you need RiteTag!

You can use RiteTag to get hashtag suggestions based on content& images. You can create Tag decides& compare them on RiteTag. You can also integrate it with buffer.


Managing multiple social networking sites can be such a pain in the ass.

I invest 1-2 hrs everyday only to curate content for my social networking sites& whatsapp group. Using communit you can save time by managing your community, followers,& content from different social networking sites at one place. You can use the tool to schedule posts from all social networks at once& optimize the schedule hour for best performance. You can also use this tool to discover leads from different social networking sites.

It will also recommend you the necessary actions that needs to be taken to increase overall involvement& performance of your social networking sites.

Seed Keywords

Using the right keywords can make a huge change as it decides who gets to see what you create. But, choosing the right keywords can be tricky unless you know your market& audience pretty well. If you are new to a niche or market then you need to find a way to collect data that will help you to know the target keywords for that market or niche.

That’s what SeedKeywords does!

You can use it to create scenarios& take the assistance of people to collect all possible ways they would search on that scenario. This will help you know what keywords are utilized the most on those scenarios& make use of those keywords as your target keywords for whatever you plan to create. I know it’s kinda hard to understand.

But, it’s awesome.

Wordtracker Skout

Outranking a competitor is the dream of every Digital marketer. But, this can be such a pain in the ass if you don’t know what you are up against. So, you need to carry out a proper& in-depth competitor analysis to understand your competitors.

Finding the keywords your challenger is trying to rank for is the key part of the analysis& this tool will help you to achieve it easily. It will help you to analyze your challengers’ websites for keywords and access keyword performance metrics instantly.


This is My favorite tool . You can use this tool to schedule your social media posts. It supports almost all main social networking sites. It will allow you to queue 10 positions and add posting schedule for the day. It can also be integrated with various other online tools for better tracking& engagement.


Are you active on Instagram? or looking for a route to increase traffic through Instagram? then, you don’t wanna miss this one! As we know, Instagram will allow you to have just one link on your bio. This curtails the amount of engagement& traffic you are able to generate from Instagram. This is where Linktree slides in lol.

It will help you to have one link house all your content and you will be able to provide optional content to your audience. It’s kinda hard to explain. Why not try it yourself?


Content curation is one of the best ways to increase adherents& participation on your social networks but did you know you could use the same content to drive traffic for your own website? That’s what Backly does. Backly will allow you to convert traffic with the links you share by adding your own message to any piece of content. You can also use it to grow your email listing and to get Facebook likes. These messages are highly customizable& will help you to call your message out loud& clear.


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