Below is a quick brief of the idea 😛 TAGEND permits businesses to post a Challenge for the community to participate. When a Challenge participant submits a proof of finish, it goes into a validation process. It opens up to everyone on the platform to vote on whether the submission fulfils the completion criteria. If the majority of the voters approves it, then it is good, otherwise it will be rejected.

Participants and the majority side of voters will receive tokens as a reward for contributing. Tokens are designed for exchanging product and service vouchers listed by the businesses. Vouchers are to be redeemed in-store.

Throughout this process, industries receives exposure and online interactions from both the Challenge participants and everyone on that voted. The voucher would bring traffic and upsell opportunity to the businesses.

So why does the idea require blockchain?

I personally don’t believe blockchain will be the be-all and end-all solution to everything. However, I do believe that one of its most critical technological contribution is that it offers an opportunity to decentralize applications that was once centralized( e.g. currency, financial transactions, supply chain records, voting, etc ).

In our utilize case, we want to decentralize the voting function in our platform. This will help us eliminate the need for a middleman that oversees the Challenge submission approval process. Imagine if the business proprietor in our employ example is also the approver, we can see a few issues 😛 TAGEND Business proprietors ordinarily don’t have time to go through hundreds of submissions per month Individual decision making can often be biased or at the least perceived to be Challenge participant may not trust business owners’ decision and conflict

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