Im a bit weary of getting inundated in all the nitty gritty coding details, frameworks and tech to be constantly up to date with and not have time for what I really like – writing. I’ve heard that being good at just basic HTML+ CSS and a CMS like WordPress or even learning PHP would be great and some folks are making a living of those without ever touching Javascript, but I’m unsure if outside of online freelancing that would help me be more employable by a digital marketing company or such.

On the other hand I also have the option of Video Editing, which, since I also write fiction and screenplays sometimes, could be a technically simpler skillset is comparable to coding, and still offer a good value for creating video marketings letters, editing ads etc.

Am I stretching myself too much? I know that just Digital Marketing and Copywriting are by themselves a handful already, but there’s this part of me that feels that adding some “hands-on” technological ability would increase my chances of both freelancing and IRL jobs.

Thank you for your help!


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