8 tips on starting a business from someone who was told they were the wrong age, race and gender

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Sarabjot Kaur, founder of Experfy. Image: Sarabjot Kaur No matter how good the business idea, it usually requires raising capital to become a viable business. In a world where venture capitalists are becoming risk averse and increasingly behaving like private equity firms, it should come as no surprise that there has been a dramatic decline… Read more »

How to create a cult following on social media without selling your soul

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Image: julia tim/shutterstock Few things are as heretical in branding as saying No to the question of monetization. After all, moneys the point, right? Well, yes and no. Obviously, adopting a just-do-awesome-stuff-and-the-money-will-follow approach is dangerous. Equally dangerous, however, is the monetize-everything-you-and-your-business-do mentality. Why? Because people hate it, especially on social media. In other words, with… Read more »

Everything your small business needs to know about the evolving world of marketing

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  What the heck is an “influencer”? Marketing has changed a lot since the glory days of Madison Avenue and for small business owners, sometimes the best solutions are ones you can implement yourself. To master the art of inexpensive digital marketing, you’ll need to get acquainted with social media campaigns, SEO and, of course,… Read more »

10 Things To Remember When It Feels Like Your Blog Won’t Get Off The Ground

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That’s the reverie, right? To live the laptop lifestyle and publish texts the hell is read and said that he shared adoring fans.With all the hoopla surrounding constructing a five and six-figure blog, you’d think it would be a walk in the park. But that’s hardly the case. The failure rate of blogs and online… Read more »