There’s loadings of scattered resources on many websites but many are just fluff and are wanting you to buy their paid training.

Now I’ve been lurking on this sub for a while now, and I noticed that many of you say don’t buy a product as it’s all available for free online. But I end up getting outdated/ conflicting info from change sources. For example I have heard people saying not to go into competitive niches and I’ve heard others saying do what you love even if it’s competitive. I’m sure both are sound advice but as a Newbie to all this it constructs it tough for me to deal with lots of scattered datum. Another annoying thing is that some people say you should focus on easy to rank niche sites( so small sites with just a few articles but will maintain giving you passive income) but others say those don’t run anymore you need to have authority based websites.

Furthermore, many of the big names in this space( eg. John Chow) mostly make money selling’ make money online’ training courses! I have no idea how much up-to-date knowledge they actually have on how to do Affiliate Marketing utilizing Free Traffic Sources these days from scratch as they’re not even doing that anymore!

I have already bought a domain, put in hosting, and started posting articles with some tips-off I picked up but gosh it would be awesome if there was a Charles Ngo based figure that had loadings of up-to-date information on how to do this and their main income source was Free Traffic Source based Affiliate Marketing websites.

Sorry for the massive post but hope I can get some great info from some of you on really good up-to-date resources on Free Traffic based Affiliate Marketing! Thanks in advance šŸ™‚


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