An article I have come across talks about investigating 280 emails and voicemails both from customers and free trial users and pinpointed different trends when it comes to scoring sales effectively Here’s a short summary of that insightful article if you do not have the time to read the whole 😛 TAGEND

Persistence. When it comes to establishing the linkages between the sales rep and a potential customer, most businesses merely send one email promoting a client to sign up for a free trial, after that, if the recipient chose not to engage then it’s done. But for most successful companies, they have opted to send more than one email. In fact, some companies devote a leading at the least two weeks, that’s one email per day, before they altogether give up. Epicor is an example of this approach.

Sending an email followed by a voicemail. This particular follow-up approach has been proven to be very effective to get people to check the email you simply sent and maybe even convince them to actually follow the links and offers you have included in that email. Checking up on that email you sent via voicemail can act as a nudge for your target lead to take action or get to contact you back.

Automating some part of the sales process. Writing highly personalized emails to each of your potential customers is warm and you can make it more personalized and persuasive, but highly inefficient especially when you have hundreds of them at one point. Automating your email marketing approach does not have to really sound robotic and impersonal. A lot of email services have customizable templates and still allow you to send it to several subscribers.

MailChimp is the preferred emailing services by most SaaS providers. MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and has a feature that allows paid subscription to send up to 12,000 emails per month. Hubspot and SalesForce also take up some considerable chunks when it comes to marketing and sales automation platforms.

Sales communication should be short, crisp, and concise, especially when dealing with potential clients. There’s no room for fluff messages and interested individuals actually appreciate it when you are direct to the point when it comes to the product. Potential customers hate astounds that have the health risks to violate their banks because of hidden charges or anomalies.

Using the right words in order to intrigue email recipients increases email opening rates. One instance is adding’ re’ on the subject in order to attain the recipient believe that they have previously engaged with the sender. It is frustrating for the recipients, but it can also amaze them and get them to try out any promos you have included.

9% of SaaS companies include webinar connections in their emails in order to serve as a walkthrough for interested individuals. This particular approach increases chances of marketings because you are able to better explain the advantage and importance of your product.

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