My idea will be in this niche, and I’ll be writing technical, reviews, and news articles and affiliate connect where suitable. Email list will be built from day one and I’ll link the site to a FB page and Twitter account. I’m thinking FB boosted posts and Stumbleupon are the best route to gain initial paid traffic, is that right? Eventually, if everything is currently working, I’ll hire some freelance novelists to increase content output and expanding the genres encompassed. I’ve also got a few ebooks in the pipeline, which can then be marketed through the website rather than my own personal pages. What site would you recommend starting out on for the budget but also quality conscious? My personal site is on Squarespace at PS20/ month or so, and I’ve had a WordPress site before. Plainly you can do WP for cheaper but without spending a ton of money on themes and plugins can you actually make a fairly big site user friendly?


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