Then, build a contact form( or provide a number) and start shopping have contributed to an end-buyer who is willing to pay me a reasonable percentage every time a lead becomes a paying customer. He gets a new customer he wouldn’t otherwise have, and I get a piece of the pie: everybody wins.

The problem is: I’m not sure how to construct a system that they are able to do this in a “trust but verify” various kinds of style. If I build a contact form that generates an email that get kicked off to the service suppler, I have only his word that the lead did or did not convert.

This complicates even further when dealing with industries that really need a live person on the other objective taking a call and finalizing sales. If I’m forwarding leads in the plumbing space for example, I’m leaving a lot of money on the table if I’m merely relying on web forms.

I can set up a VoIP forwarding rule like anyone else, but that’s too invisible and asking every new client to sign up for a new phone number is not my notion of a scalable solution either.

I feel like I’m on to something here, but I have an incomplete picture of how to proceed and close the trust gap. Any thoughts? I’m sure this has been did before, but are there any well known instances I can learn from?


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