Bottom Line Up Front: My Amazon Affiliate website is 1 month old and has so far generated $4.64. I have absolutely no experience in affiliate marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. I have been using popular social media websites and video hosting to promote my content and backlink my website. The traffic to my site receives an average of 5-7 daily visits; 4 being the lowest and 24 being the highest. The total amount of money I have spent on my site( hosting, ads, etc) is around $200. My plan is to continue pushing my social media accounts and videos to increase traffic and begin attaining bigger affiliate committees.

Results I induced $4.64 in my first month and very recently too! The following image is from my Amazon associate’s overview: https :// mamUO5

The number of product visits have been less than 10 for the past 30 days; total of 67 clicks thus far. I’m very surprised that I was able to make a commission so quick.

The following image is from my Google Analytics account: https :// hWkHAk

The highest number of visits to my site was 24 and the lowest is 4. Regrettably, the number of visits isn’t increasing steadily as day progress but has random spikes. Most visits arrive during the weekdays.

The following image is from my Google Adwords: https :// kuReO5

I’m only expending$ 5 a day on my ad. As you can see, the number of clicks from the advertisement is less than 10; usually it’s around 5-7 on weekdays. What I’ve also noticed is that the Google Adwords graph doesn’t have a 100% direct correlation to the Google Adwords. This leads me was felt that my social media marketing is actually running!

Social Media/ Advertisement Methods Here is a list of Social Media and other sites I use to help spread my connections and website 😛 TAGEND

Facebook Fan Page: I’ve expended$ 0 on getting FB likes for the page but I plan on joining FB groups related to my niche and petition granted permission to advertise.

Twitter: By far the easiest Social Media tool I use to promote my content.


Youtube: I believe this is where the majority of members of my traffic sources are coming from…not sure…





Daily Motion





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