The evolution of content marketing as a discipline has constructed content creation a core marketing function. At the top of the sales funnels, effective presentations and web site content produce leadings and build awareness. Farther along in the buyer’s journey, finely tailored content such as example examines and white papers can help specific purchaser personas build consensus for adoption of a vendor’s solution- shortening marketings cycles and increasing the likelihood of a successful close.

That’s the ideal. The reality is that a lack of marketing and sales alignment often creates barriers to successful content marketing.

Research by SiriusDecisions shows that marketings doesn’t even use 60 to 70% of marketing content. That means that about two thirds of marketing’s investment in content developing — often as much as 12% of the entire marketing budget — can be going to waste. Content that should be impacting revenue by helping to close late-stage bargains is just sitting unused.

How can marketing turn this around? How are you able get marketings to use the content that you expend valuable marketing hour and resources developing?

To start, be sure you have a successful process put up with your marketings organization for identifying, building, and using your content- before “youre starting” producing any content.

Below are 7 ways marketing can set up a better process with marketings 😛 TAGEND

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