I decided to dig in on the subject, and research what many influencers are doing to reduce email churn foster a better relationship with their audience.

I’ve narrowed it down to 7 key factors

Set the expectation for when you’re going to email – People value consistency in others.( Paul Jarvis does this perfectly) Use a combination of single and doubled optins – Use single optins for content upgrades and doubled optins for everything else, and try to stand out with your verification email. Segment your list by interest – Use segments in your email marketing software and send targeted emails to reduce readers opting out. Use normal subject lines – Write to your audience like you would a friend or run colleague( read: no sneaky tactics ). Revise your transcript – Revise your footer transcript so readers have more choices when it comes to opting out of your newsletter. Send a follow-up email – Give departing readers a reason to stick around( even if that includes following you on social media) Ask for feedback – Follow up with departing readers by asking them why they unsubscribed.( Protip: divide test how you ask them .)

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