How To Really “Do” Marketing

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A profitable business looks like this 😛 TAGEND Buy Low <sell high Profitable marketing looks like this: Cost to Aquire Customer <customer lifetime value (ltv) “Buy low. Sell High.” What is the game? To find and attract customers for less cost than they contribute. Where does marketing fit into business? Marketing equals sales… No marketing… Read more »

What skills can I learn or businesses can I look into to improve and not waste my period? I am deciding to stay unemployed for about 3-4 months in LA.

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I am a mixed bag of web dev. graphic design, client/ business service, marketing , not really a “doctor” or an expert in one field but merely pure ingenuity. If you have this sort of freedom and don’t need to worry about the drainage of energy from other things like the main task. What kind… Read more »

Planning Your Email Marketing

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Your best chance of success with email marketing is to create a plan based on the products that you want to promote. It all starts with your product funnel, which leads to your content marketing plan, which leads to your email marketing calendar. All email marketing should be focused toward promoting your products and/or services… Read more »

Welcome to r/ affiliate_marketing – please follow these guidelines

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Welcome to r/ affiliate_marketing As a reminder, please do not share any affiliate connects . This is a place for discussing the practice and business of affiliate marketing , not for promoting your own website. Sharing your own eBooks, courses, training materials, etc. isn’t allowed due to the overly promotional nature of the content. As… Read more »